And suddenly, is impossible to remain quiet


The most published frame of Andy Warhol’s Empire film is photocopied in chain.

The most online published frame of Andy Warhol’s Empire film is printed out, photocopied in chain and posted back online.

Empire consisted on a recording of the Empire State building with a fixed camera and natural light for 6 and a half hours. The film begins with a totally white screen and as the sun sets, the image of the Empire State Building emerges.

Here, I printed out one frame and photocopied it in chain, therefore using also a fixed camera and light as only resources getting as a resault 72 new frames, the last one of it is a fully white one. While in the original movie the thing that was in motion was the light, here we can see the building moving form one frame to the other because of a machine imperfection that accumulates an error, creating the effect of a moving image.

Once I got all the new frames I posted them back online.